REady shoot

Picture this, you get to a shoot and all the sudden you are super aware of every movement you make and all you can think is, will this make my pictures look good? Then out pops the question. What do I do with my hands?! I think we have all thought or said these words while getting our pictures taken. Here are a few tips to help you in your upcoming shoot!

1. Tip number one, MOVEMENT! We are not made to hold still and hold poses perfectly, we are made to move, dance, laugh, and bend. Even the smallest movements like swaying can take a frozen picture and give it life!

2. Tip number two, clothes. Wear something that you feel great in and that makes you feel beautiful/ Handsome, and something you can be comfortable in and move around.

3. Tip number three, getting to know your photographer. When you get to know your photographer you feel more comfortable and that shines in your pictures. You can open up and be yourself, and that makes for the most amazing pictures!