The name

Catchy, applicable, short, and easy to remember. These are a few of the qualities we were looking for when we were naming our photography business. We searched, and man did we search! Determined to find the perfect name, we ran into Astrus, meaning sharp. Very applicable! I love the nature type ring it has to it as well. Anyone who knows me knows I love nature and being in It! Thus the reasoning for the mountains and trees in the logo. We designed something that was sharp, beautiful and had a little bit of nature because that is exactly what we want to give to our clients. Sharp, beautiful , and a little bit of nature in your pictures. We designed the logo ourselves, after many, many... many drafts here is our winner! Thanks for being here for our photography journey. Hope you enjoyed a little insight to how we chose our name and logo. We can't wait to book a photoshoot with you!