Connecting With Your Wedding Photographer


Let's talk about the importance of connecting with your wedding photographer! When you walk away from your wedding the food will be eaten, the band will head home, the decorations will be taken down, but something you get to have forever is the pictures from your special day! Wedding photography is one of the longest lasting aspects of your special day, as it captures the memories and emotions for you to look back on for years to come. It’s not just about getting great pictures; it’s about having a photographer who understands your vision, your preferences, and your relationship with each other.

Here are some reasons why connecting and getting to know your wedding photographer is VITAL, Yes, I said vital!

  1. Trust and Comfort: Let me first point out how much time you will be spending with your wedding photographer, lol almost as much as with your fiancé! If you book a package with the whole shabang they will be there when you get ready, for the ceremony, the pictures afterwards, the reception, the dancing and the send off and guiding you through each step of the day! So friends, being comfortable with your photographer is soooo important. You DO NOT want to spend one of the most important days of your life along side someone who you do not vibe with! The wedding day can be stressful and hectic, and having a photographer you trust and are comfortable around can help ease those nerves. Let’s not forget that when you have a good relationship with your photographer, you can be confident that they will capture the memories you want without getting in the way or causing any additional stress.
  2. Personalized Photos: By getting to know your photographer, they can better understand your unique personality and preferences. This will allow them to capture images that are true to who you are and truly reflect the emotions and memories of your day. Most photographers ask so many questions like how you met, how he proposed not just because they love to hear romance stories, because they want to know all about you to be able to make your pictures represent you! 
  3. Communication: Good communication with your photographer is key to ensuring that you both have a clear understanding of what you want and expect from your photos. By connecting with your photographer, you can discuss your vision, style, and any specific requests you have in advance. They will know what kind of pictures you have dreamed of and what pictures are most important to you! 
  4. Problem Solving: Unexpected events can (and usually do!) arise during weddings, but having a photographer you have a strong relationship with can help to solve these problems and keep the day running smoothly. They will be able to think on their feet and provide creative solutions to ensure your day is captured exactly as you envisioned it.

When your looking for a photographer remember, connecting and getting to know your wedding photographer is SOO IMPORTANT for capturing the memories and emotions of your big day. By building a relationship with your photographer, you can trust them to capture the memories you want, and ensure that your photos are a true reflection of who you are as a couple. Plus who doesn't want an extra best friend to celebrate with them on their wedding day!